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Our partners have well established Case Studies implementd across various public, private and research organizations across the world. Along with this, the products have received various awards and accolades from premium organizations and institutes.

Biological Monitoring Improves Membrane Performance

A Water Utility in the southern United States had historically struggled with groundwater treatment because of high amounts of organic material and color. Organics were oxidized and broken down by chlorination, but this practice fell out of favor once suspicions of disinfection by-product (DBP) production, including trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, were confirmed.

Membrane Biofouling Index

A southern US water treatment facility used advanced ATP testing for biological monitoring to improve membrane filtration operations and product water quality. From reverse osmosis to ultra-filtration to microfiltration, there is a common problem that always seems to come up: fouling. Fouling can come from a number of sources, including chemical scaling and physical particle impingement. Read More...

Dual Membrane Plant System Audit

The Altona Salt Reduction Plant (ASRP) is a dual membrane plant operated by City West Water and located in the western suburbs of Melbourne. It receives tertiary treated effluent from the Altona Wastewater Treatment Plant (ATP) located on the same site. The ASRP has a total capacity of 9 ML/day and the final produced water is for irrigation and industrial uses.

Microbiological Activity Measurements of Drinking Water

To demonstrate the suitability of the ColiMinder measurement system for drinking water monitoring several validations have been performed at different locations in different countries. Drinking water has been measured within the process of production as well as the final drinking water. At some locations, the water has been chlorinated, as usual in many countries.

Monitoring a Drinking Network

The ColiMinder has been deployed in a large-scale monitoring pilot at a national drinking water supply network in Europe. The project was designed to validate if all possible contaminations that might occur in the daily operation of the network would be detected, as this is a necessary precondition to establish a fully automated nationwide monitoring network. Read More...

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