bbe Moldaenke GmbH, Germany

biological | biophysical | engineering

biological: the use of biological measuring systems based on biological and biochemical research

biophysical: many years of experience in biophysics guarantee technically excellent instruments

engineering: highly trained engineering skills help us to develop products for field use, laboratory or measuring stations optimised for practicality and easy use

About bbe Moldaenke GmbH

For more than 20 years now bbe Moldaenke GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality products in environmental technology. bbe Moldaenke develops and produce measuring instruments and software to assess and manage water quality. Their instruments are made for use in oceanography, limnology, drinking water monitoring, river dam monitoring, bathing water analysis, supervision of aqua culture systems and environmental assessment.

The two core areas of bbe Moldaenke's expertise are firstly spectrofluorometers for chlorophyll analysis and, what is essential, the recording of algae classes and secondly real-time early warning systems, so-called toximeters. In this area, bbe Moldaenke is the international market leader.

Our Products

  • AlgaeTorch: The quick-and-easy portable measuring instrument for cyanobacteria and total phytoplankton. Switch on, dip in, read off!
  • BenthoTorch: Unique - an in situ tool for the quick and easy measurement of phytobenthic concentrations
  • FluoroProbe: The chlorophyll measuring instrument with algae class differentiation
  • FluoroProbe: The chlorophyll measuring instrument with algae class differentiation
  • PhycoProbe: Our probe with quick analysis of unbound phycocyanin concentrations
  • AlgaeLabAnalyser: Determination of chlorophyll concentration, algae classes and photosynthesis activity for scientific and routine analysis
  • PhycoLabAnalyser: Quick, simple chlorophyll measurement with algal class differentiation
  • AlgaeOnlineAnalyser: Online detection of chlorophyll concentration, algae classes and photosynthetic activity
  • PhycoSens: Online determination of algae classes, chlorophyll and phycocyanin concentrations as well as photosynthetic activity
  • AlgaeGuard: Distinction of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), diatoms and crytophytes in a flow-through chamber - simple, quick and reliable
  • 10cells: Simple, quick and highly sensitive – the first choice for ballast water assessment!
  • Algae Toximeter II: An instrument for the fast and sensitive detection of toxic substances in water
  • DaphTox II: Sensitive detection of toxic substances in water via computer-assisted digital image analysis
  • ToxProtect II: Quick and reliable detection of toxins in the water supply
  • TP-OnlineAnalyser: Precise device for the measurement of total phosphorus
  • TN-OnlineAnalyser: Reliable measurement of Total Nitrogen with auto cleaning and auto calibration function
  • NH4-OnlineAnalyser: Ammonium measurement with very low detection limit