IoT Platform for Real Time Environment Monitoring

AQUAview represents a sophisticated web portal meticulously designed to aggregate real-time environmental data, providing stakeholders with seamless online access for well-informed decision-making. Its adaptability is a standout feature, effortlessly integrating with both cloud-based systems and local customer data centers, ensuring accessibility through various web browsers and even on smartphones.

This comprehensive platform leverages the capabilities of both Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and Big Data, enabling AQUAview to excel in instantaneous analysis across all monitoring stations. The platform's inherent compatibility with Elastic Search and Kibana allows for effortless customization, empowering users to construct dynamic dashboards and metrics as needed. AQUAview grants users unparalleled flexibility in conducting and amalgamating diverse searches, whether structured, unstructured, geo-based, or metric-focused.

Moreover, AQUAview seamlessly integrates with Geographic Information System (GIS) maps, utilizing licenses from leading platforms such as Google or Open-Source solutions. This integration enhances AQUAview's ability to efficiently gather data from field-deployed sensors and present comprehensive analyses through graphical representations and tabular reporting formats. In essence, AQUAview stands as a robust and adaptable solution, transforming collected environmental data into actionable insights for stakeholders across various industries.

As one of the premier environmental monitoring web-based Internet of Things (IoT) applications, AQUAview provides real-time insights into monitoring sites and analytical services on data. Its scalability is noteworthy, transitioning effortlessly from a single-server model to larger installations with multiple servers and geographically distributed clients. The platform boasts a high level of integration between client hardware and software, offering flexibility for deployment on both on-premise data centers and leading Cloud Providers.

AQUAview's ability to connect to various sensors and controllers, receiving data in different standard industry-compliant protocols, ensures that legacy monitoring systems can be seamlessly brought online onto a unified visualization and monitoring platform. Enhanced by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, AQUAview predicts the outcomes of specific environmental parameters by considering historical data and external factors, providing a comprehensive and forward-looking environmental monitoring solution.