Hydrology, Meteorlogy, Hydropower, Sewer, Geology, Mining, Industry

SOMMER Messtechnik develops and sells sensors and environmental monitoring equipment including system solutions for data recording, data transmission and analysis of the captured data. With more than 30 years of experience SOMMER is a true measurement specialist and reliable partner in hydrography, meteorology, industry and water management, sewage and for geotechnical applications.

Innovative Doppler radar sensors for discharge measurement, unique snow monitoring technology as well as user friendly systems for data management and telemetry give proof of the distinct spirit for innovations in this company. Realising monitoring systems far from any infrastructure and in remote and harsh environments, such as alpine and high alpine weather stations, builds another field of experience of SOMMER Messtechnik.

Our Products

  • NON-CONTACT DISCHARGE RADAR RQ-30 / RQ-30A: Non-contact discharge measurement by means of radar technology for open rivers
  • DISCHARGE RADAR RQ-30 ADMS: Well proven RQ-30 discharge measurement with data logger and data transmission in compact housing
  • DISCHARGE RADAR SENSOR RQ-30D: Discharge measurement for wide rivers with inhomogeneous distribution of flow velocity
  • RADAR SENSOR RQ-30L: Discharge measurment for open rivers with external water level data
  • RADAR PROFILER RP-30: Mobile measuring system for non-contact discharge measurement
  • VELOCITY RADAR RG-30 / RG-30A: Radar sensor for contact-free velocity measurement
  • WATER LEVEL RADAR SENSOR RL-15 / RL-35: Contact-free water level measurement
  • PTM – PRESSURE PROBE: Rugged and highly accurate sensor to measure water level in a variety of applications
  • TRACER SYSTEM TQ-COMMANDER V2: Software for mobile discharge measurement using - salt tracer or fluorescence tracer
  • TRACER SYSTEM TQ-S: Mobile discharge measurement system for turbulent rivers with unknown cross-section profile - salt tracer
  • TRACER SYSTEM TQ-F: Mobile discharge measurement system for turbulent rivers with unknown cross-section profile - fluorescence tracer
  • LEVEL DATA LOGGER PD-MINI/3/LTC/5: Data logger with probes for groundwater monitoring and water level measurement
  • IDS - ICE DETECTION SYSTEM-20: Precise and reliabale ice detection with contact free technology
  • SNOW DRIFT SENSOR SND: Extremely robust sensor to determine snow drift intensity
  • SNOW DEPTH SENSOR USH-9: Precise snow depth measurement by means of ultrasonic technology
  • SNOW PACK ANALYSER SPA-2: Recording all important parameters of the snow pack
  • SNOW SCALES SSG-2: Continuous measurement of the snow water equivalent (SWE)
  • SNOW MELT ANALYZER SMA-2: Analysing the snowmelt and ascertaining the water run-off
  • SNOW SURFACE TEMPERATURE SENSOR SIR: Infrared sensor to measure the snow surface temperature
  • SNOW TEMPERATURE PROFILE SENSOR SCA: Generating a snow temperature profile
  • SNOW SLIDING SENSOR SGE-20: Sensor to detect the sliding movement of snow
  • SNOW TEMPERATURE SENSOR (PT100): Reliable temperature measurement in the snow
  • AUTOMATIC WEATHER STATION (AWS): Robust, durable weather stations for recording diverse meteorological data
  • WIND SENSORS: Wind measurement done by state-of-the-art technology
  • AIR TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY PROBES: Reliable measurement of air temperature and air humidity for experts
  • BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SENSOR PTB110: Measuring the barometric pressure
  • PRECIPITATION GAUGES: Continuous, automatic recording of precipitation amount
  • HAIL SENSOR: Extremely robust and reliable acoustic hail sensor with size classification
  • RAIN SENSOR RHD: Extremely robust and reliable acoustic rian sensor with drop size classification
  • GLOBAL RADIATION: Sensors to measure solar radiation
  • SQ-R FLOW METER: Non-contact flow measurement for wastewater treatment plants, sewers and industrial water channels
  • FLOW METER RQ-30 STAINLESS STEEL: Non-contact discharge measurement for open wastewater channels
  • DATA LOGGER MRL-6: Reliable, very compact data logger
  • SOMCAM-2S: Serial WDR Camera 2.0 Mp
  • DATA LOGGER MRL-7: Weatherproof data logger with integrated data transmission
  • DATA LOGGER MDL 4/1: Well proven data logger for mounting in switch cabinet
  • DATA LOGGER MDL 8/3: Data logger with various connection options
  • SNOW SCALE ROOF SSR-2: Snow load measurement on flat or slightly inclined roofs
  • KOPIE VON SNOW SCALE ROOF SSR-2: Snow load measurement on flat or slightly inclined roofs