Leader in Smart Rodent Monitoring and Control Technology

Pestech Holding is an industry leader in Singapore for rodent control. Our RodentEye is a powerful real time analytic system.

We offer Automated Rodent Surveillance System to help monitor rodent 27/7 round the clock with web-based access and Real Time Heat Map Visualization with inbuilt data analytics. Our systems offer transparency providing real time rodent activities information for both facility owner and pest management service provider. Our system comes with sophisticated algorithms & analytics providing useful information such as frequent traveled path, directions, estimated populations and time stamp.

Ours is the One & only System comes with sophisticated Algorithms & Analytics providing useful information such as frequent traveled path and directions and just SMS & email alerts.

We make PERFORMANCE Based Pest Management Contract POSSIBLE

We offer the following solutions:

1. Rodent Eye
  • Automated Rodent Surveillance System to help monitor rodent 27/7 round the clock
  • Web based access Real Time 24/7 Heat Map Visualisation with inbuilt data analytics
  • Fully accessible from desktop and mobile devices with individual login administrative control
2. Our Sensors

The sensors will determine the activity base on movement and heat signature of the rodent, it will then trigger an alert of the trigger to the gateway through wireless communication, which with then forward the data to the cloud and to the back-end.

Our Sensors provide:

  • Direction analytics
  • Activity Analysation
3. Rodent Tracking Cameras

Upon suspicion of an infestation/ rodent activities, we may schedule to set up rodent tracking cameras to verify the infestation. These cameras will provide brilliant HD quality video proof of rat activities in your facility.

Benefits of Rodent tracking cameras:

  • Proof of rodent infestation
  • Activity analysation
  • Battery powered (Wire-free)
  • Weatherproof
  • Cloud recording
  • Live view
  • Instant Alerts
4. Smart Rodent Station

Our Smart Rodent Station is the only system with development collaboration with government agencies for proven reliability and sustainability over 18-month laboratory test and on-site deployment trials.